Lynn Maring - guitar / vocals

Saskia Fuertes - drums / backing vocals

The Chikitas is a female duo rock band formed in Geneva, Switzerland yet active since year 2011.


The project came from the two girls’ need to spit their ideas, anger and creativity with

rock music, attitude and sense of humour.

Three months after the band’s union they recorded their debut album “Butchery”,

filmed numerous videos and went on to play gigs anywhere they could in the country.

In April 2014, the girls released their second album, “Distoris Clitortion”,

introduced by the first single “LaLaLaLa”. Their music is mostly influenced by

rock-pop bands like The Beatles, punk music like The Dead Kennedys and also

more grunge and rough stuff like The Melvins. Anyway, the band has a taste

for any kind of good music and they like to mix and experiment, which is

undoubtedly one of The Chikitas’ noticeable strengths.

They have now played countless gigs, most of them unplanned and

unexpected and are known for dressing in a very creative and eccentric way.

If you were to ask Lynn and Saskia why they are only two in the band, they’d answer:

“When you don’t need to talk to write a song and you do it in

five minutes without even recalling how, you probably found

the right and only person to be in a band with. “