THE CHIKITAS “Lalalala” (2014)

I dreamed about a song that would come from the heart
Some will probably say I’m the retard who goes Lalalala
But it frees me from the pain and the fear
I just want a tune that breaks human frontiers

Please don’t judge your friend no more

Nor kiss your enemy just like that

Stop acting like an ignorant

To the righteous I’d give a


Lala Lalalala

Wicked souvenirs pinch me it’s exquisite

Ecstatic kisses from industrial meals along

With pesticide weeds and creams for the creed

For those who rehearse in a world where Bieber is the biggest

For those who can’t stand the neat girls, the geeks, the hipsters

The ones looking for spiritual love into their purse

Living with the conscience some are dying in Africa

To the righteous I’d give a


Lala Lalalala Lala

Pretty pretty dolly, is she what I see
Would you be looking at this
With just a little more fat on the hips

I can’t stand your peeks

You think I’m party of this

World of superficial pricks
Dicks I’m outta here

Lala Lalalala


Lalalala Lala Lalalala Lala

Lalalala Lala Lalalala Lala