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Like every year on Whitsun Gothic people from all over the world come together in Leipzig / Germany to celebrate the Wave-Gotik-Treffen, this time already for the 19th time from 21st to 24th May. Since many years the Treffen is celebrated as a THE international gathering of the “dark family”. It is the biggest gathering of its kind worldwide.

All over the city there will be performing about 180 bands, projects and single artists covering the whole wide range of Gothic music: from Electro-Pop to Goth-Metal, from EBM to Neofolk, from medieval music to Industrial. The concerts and events take place at about 40 venues spread over whole Leipzig, for instance in the vaults of the Moritzbastei, in the splendid neo-antique cupola hall of the Volkspalast, in the green round of the openair Parkbühne, as well as in large concert halls. Traditionally, the crazy Gothic converts are contrasted by including some of the finest classical music in the program as well. This year WGT guests may listen to bombastic Wagner sounds in an old industrial hall or to the moving tunes of Mozart’s requiem in the impressive crypt of the Völkerschlachtdenkmal (Europe’s biggest monument). We have even booked Leipzig’s Opera house for a Stravinsky ballet evening, for Adolphe Adam’s entchanting romantic ballet Giselle and for Verdi’s tragic masterpiece La Traviata.

From its beginning the Wave-Gotik-Treffen has been much more than a music festival: Its guests may switch back to the romantic atmosphere of ancient times at the medieval market place and a at pagan village, we will have authors reading, unusual theatre and cinematic performances will take place as well as a big role play. One of Leipzig’s most beautiful cafes with an outstanding historical interior will be the daily setting of an opulent brunch meal accompanied by live chamber music. At the same place a big baroque ball will invite for historic ballroom dancing in appropriate costumes. A large hall on agra-fairground (the wide place of the German agricultural fair) will turn into the biggest Gothic-warehouse of the world for four days. DJs from all over the world will let you celebrate unforgettable special parties until dawn. There will also be a large fetish party where entrance is only possible following a strict voluptuous dress code. A stroll through the city centre of Leipzig is especially worthwhile for art lovers: The entrance to the huge art museum (Bildermuseum) is free for WGT-guests. A wide range of important artworks of all époques can be viewed there as well as a temporary exhibition of works by Neo Rauch, a world-famous painter from Leipzig.

A cheap and entertaining accommodation is the huge Treffen camping ground. To enter, one needs a special ticket (called Obsorgekarte) which includes also the extensive WGT-program-book. The public transport in the city is free for all WGT-guests from Friday morning until Tuesday noon.

The inhabitants of Leipzig are familiar with the Treffen since 18 years - there are no prejudices and the gothic guests are very welcome here. The most fascinating thing during the Wave-Gotik-Treffen is the unique atmosphere that covers the whole city. Gothics from all over the world are celebrating their gathering peacefully and with enthusiasm, turning Leipzig into a diverse black.

Once a year about twenty thousand Gothics are coming home: to the Wave-Gotik-Treffen.

We would be happy to welcome you in Leipzig too. Visit the Treffen – your dark friends from all over the world are already there!

See you! The Treffen-Team

Information sheet for visitors:

19th Wave-Gotik-Treffen

21st - 24th of May 2010

Leipzig, eastern Germany (at about 40 venues, spread all over the city), camping site and main venue at the edge of town at the „agra-fairground“ Markkleeberg; for information on the city you may check http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leipzig


Music styles:
All kinds of dark music: Gothic; EBM; Industrial; Ambient; Neofolk; Synthpop, Goth-Metal etc.

Advance ticket sale:
4-days ticket for all events within the 19th Wave-Gotik-Treffen Whitsun 2010, 66,- Euro in advance ticket sale (including advance sale charges).

The Treffen ticket includes free use of public transportation (tram, city-busses, regional trains, surburban trains) within the zone 110 of MDV ("Mitteldeutscher Verkehrs Verbund") from 2010- 05-21 8.00 h to 2010-05-25 12.00 h (without special routes). There will be additional nightlines especially for WGT visitors on line 11 (Treffen line).

Possible with "Obsorge" ticket, limited up to 9999 tickets for 25,- Euro (includes advance sale charges), contains the following service-package:

•  Camping at the Treffen-Campground (agra-fairground)
•  "Pfingstbote" ("Whitsun-herald") - the Treffen-programbook
•  Small surprise

Please note: Entrance to and use of the campground is impossible without an "Obsorge" ticket. The "Obsorge" ticket is only valid in connection with the Treffen-Event-Ticket.

For car parking at the main venue of the Treffen-area you have to purchase a Parking Vignette for 15,- Euro (includes advance sale charges).
Please note: Parking at the Treffen-area (agra-fairground) is definitely impossible without a Parking Vignette.

Expected number of visitors :
about 20000


See "Photogallery" at our website

If you subscribe to the newsletter at www.wave-gotik-treffen.de/english you will always get informed quickly about the latest WGT-news.


Currently there are 162 artists confirmed:
Alcest (F) - Alien Sex Fiend (GB) - Alight (I) - Ambassador 21 (RUS) - Andrew Liles (GB) - Arcana (S) - Arctic Plateau (I) world premiere - Ashes You Leave (HR) - At The Soundawn (I) - Attrition (GB) - Auto Auto (S) - Autoclav1.1 (GB) - Beloved Enemy (D) - Bettina Köster (D) - Big Boy (USA) - Biomekkanik (S) - Blind Cave Salamander (I) - Bloody, Dead & Sexy (D) - Bollock Brothers (GB) - Brendan Perry (IRL) - Brigitte Handley & The Dark Shadows (AUS) - Bury Me Deep (D) - Caspian (USA) - Catastrophe Ballet (D) - Cephalgy (D) - Chameleonsvox (GB) - Christ Vs. Warhol mit Eve Ghost (USA) - Chrysalide (F) - Cinderella Effect (D) - Cobra Killer (D) - Colin Potter (GB) - Colony 5 (S) - Conjure One (USA) - Crematory (D) - Death Of A Demon (D) - Decadence (GR) world premiere - Demented Are Go (GB) - Der Fluch (D) - Dexy Corp. (F) - Diamanda Galas (USA) - Diary Of Dreams (D) - Dr. Mark Benecke (D) - Eisheilig (D) - Elegant Machinery (S) - Endanger (D) - Endless (D) reunion - Escape With Romeo (D) - Ext!ze (D) - Faith & The Muse (USA) - Feeding Fingers (USA) - Fejd (S) - Felsenreich (D) - Fjernlys (D) - Flint Glass (F) - Future Trail (D) - Gene Loves Jezebel (GB) - Geneviéve Pasquier (D) - Genitorturers (USA) - Ghost Brigade (FIN) - Ghoultown (USA) - Gitane Demone (USA) - Hide & Seek (F) - HTRK (GB) - In Strict Confidence (D) - Indukti (PL) - Irr. App. (Ext.) (USA) - Jabberwock (F) - Jarboe (USA) - Joe Black (GB) - Joy Of Life (GB) - Joy/Disaster (F) - Kiew (D) - Kirlian Camera (I) - Kitty In A Casket (A) - Koffin Kats (USA) - Kommunity FK (USA) - Kryptonix (F) - La Magra (D) - Lacrimosa (D) - Lealoo (CZ) - Leichtmatrose (D) - Libra (S) - Liquid Divine (D) - Loell Duinn (HR) - Lola Angst (D) - Long Distance Calling (D) - Lord Of The Lost (D) - Luxury Stranger (GB) - Lyronian (D) - Madre Del Vizio (D) - Militia (I) - Modulate (GB) - Mona Mur & EN Esch (D/GB) - Mono No Aware (D) - Moon Far Away (RUS) - Moonspell (P) - Morlocks (S) - MS Gentur (D) - My Friend Skeleton (D) world premiere - My Insanity (D) - Nahemah (E) - Neon (I) - Novalis Deux (D) - Noyce TM (D) - Nude (D) - Nurse With Wound (GB) - Oberer Totpunkt (D) - Omega Lithium (HR) - Orange Sector (D) - Orgonautic (D) - Phallus Dei (D) - Poisonblack (FIN) - Punish Yourself (F) - Rabia Sorda (MEX) - Raum41 (D) - Rawkfist (D) - ReActivate (D) - Revolution By Night (GB) - Richard Ruin & Les Demoniaques (D) - Roman Rain (RUS) - Rotersand (D) - S.E.T.I. (GB) - S.I.T.D. (D) - S.P.O.C.K (S) - Samsas Traum (D) - Schallfaktor (D) - Schneewittchen (D) - Seelenzorn (D) - Seventh Harmonic (S/GB) - Sex Gang Children (GB) - Sigillum S (I) - Slave Republic (D) - Sol Invictus (GB) - Solemn Novena (GB) - Suicide Commando (B) - The Brains (CDN) - The Crystelles (USA) - The Deep Eynde (USA) - The Essence (NL) - The Golden Apes (D) - The Grapes Of Wrath (D) - The Klinik (B) - The Lovecrave (I) - The PCP Principle (GB) - The Pussybats (D) - The Raven (USA) - The Sun And The Moon (GB) - The Violet Tribe (D) - The Vision Bleak (D) - The Wounded (NL) - This Morn' Omina (B) - Trial (D) - Twinkle (F) - Twisted Nerve (GB) - Valravn (DK) - Vigilante (RCH) - Violet (D) - Voices Of Masada (GB) - Welle:Erdball (D) - X Marks The Pedwalk (D) exclusive reunion - Zeraphine (D) - Zeromancer (N) - Zwielicht (D)

(List is not finalised and will be completed within the next weeks. Please check our website.)