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Lynn Maring is a rock/blues/pop/psych singer, songwriter and guitar player.

She both sings and plays guitar in two Geneva-based active rock bands Disagony and The Chikitas.

Born on the 28th of October 1988, she started taking guitar lessons at 7 years old, inspired by her dad who played himself the guitar for several years. She then started at 12 y.o her first band with some school friends calling themselves ‘Out-Of-Tune’. She was at first only singing then started playing additionally the guitar in the band. They then changed their name to ‘Scones’ and were mainly playing classic rock covers and french/english original compositions. She started as well playing the piano severely inspired by english indie-rock band Muse.

In 2008 she met drummer Alexandre Davoine and they started the band Disagony at first only as a duo. Rafael Peregrina at the time was playing the guitar in the punk-influenced band ‘Water Bleach’ with Alexandre Davoine, then started playing bass in Disagony.
Therefore they started the band in 2009 as a trio, releasing their first EP in 2011. Their first album ‘Venom Dish’ was released in 2013 through Berlin-based label Snowhite. The same year bass player Rafael Peregrina quit the band and was replaced by Raphael Despas.

In 2011 she created along with drummer Saskia Fuertes the duo girl band The Chikitas. Their first small album ‘Butchery’ was released in 2011. Their second album ‘Distoris Clitortion’ to be released in 2014.

She took part in various projects and albums.

- Disagony - Disagony EP (2011)

- The Chikitas - Butchery (2011)

  1. -Disagony - Venom Dish (2013)

  2. -Ideal Brut  (2013) - Featuring on songs “The Drunk Tank Yawns” and “All By Yourself”

  3. -The Two Boys Sandwich Club - Yeah (2013) - Featuring on song “Stand By”

- The Chikitas - Distoris Clitortion (2014)