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BEATRICE GRAF : drums, keyboards, voice, composition
PHILIPPE EHINGER : bass clarinet, looper, composition

There is no doubt about it: the deeply original duo is also perfectly convincing. As she hits drums or keyboards, Beat weaves a dialogue with Lip, her fellow bass clarinettist. A special distinction to the latter, for the beautiful broad sound that he seems to draw from a deep cave. And a great first equal prize to both for straining their brains and ears to find an original sound combination for each of the record's twelve pieces. The listener moves from pleasant surprise to refreshing amazement, in an atmosphere that can be either uncanny, exotic or sixties-oriented, through the use, amongst other things, of Béatrice Graf's Hammond organ as it combines with Philippe Ehinger's many-faced bass clarinett......all tunes are carefully constructed, scattered with greatly beautiful solos - especially "Hope for Peace", as a startling opening, and the percussive "Hymne à la terre".



1995 : BEAT & LIP duet was created

1996-1998 concerts with special guets

1996 : Ian Gordon-Lennox at the "Festival des Cropettes", Geneva
Corin Curschelas , Hélène Labarrière, AMR, Geneva

1997 : Nina de Heney at the Ecurie and at the Oblomov, Geneva
Michel Wintsch at the "Tournoi international de musique
improvisée", Poitiers

1998 : Ian Gordon-Lennox at the AMR, Geneva

1998-2000 Duet with loopers, keyboards and new arrangements according to the new direction of the band

At the festivals : Overground, "Fête de la Musique", Festival Hors-Bord in Geneva and "Festival de la Cité" in Lausanne.

In jazz-clubs : "Sud des Alpes", "Cave des Moraines" ," Ecurie des Cropettes" in Geneva and "Dampfzentrale" in Bern

2001-2003 :
pre-production, recording, editing and mixing of the CD « Beat&Lip »

release of the CD « Beat&Lip » on label Altri Suoni : AS 143 www.altrisuoni.com

2004 - 2005 : swiss tour

BEATRICE GRAF , drums, keyboards, voice, composition

Born in Switzerland. Started the drums at sixteen.

Certificate of Jazz drumming from the Geneva Popular Conservatory (1989).

Workshops at AMR and with J. De Johnette, P.Erskine, H. Bennink.

Polyvalent : jazz, improvised music and also punk, rock, experimental, hardcore, salsa, latin, funk, free, jungle, african.

theatre music (with J.-L. Bideau,2000, AMR, 700ème, 1991).

“Carte Blanche à B. Graf” (AMR, Geneva,1996)

Recipient of Pro Helvetia (Swiss Cultural Fondation) for composition, 1997

Plays with: P. Schärli special sextet feat. G. Ferris and T. Varner, Hilde Kappes (Ger), C. Tabarini, N.Sordet, C. Jordan, J-J. Pedretti, M.Wintsch, H. Feigenwinter, V. Vonlanthen,…

Has played with: Amampondo (South Africa, 1998), C. Curschellas & S. Courvoisier, H. Labarrière, D. & M. Brubeck, J. Zollar, l’Orchestre National du Sénégal, P. Aerts, M. Magnoni,…

Festivals: Madajazzcar, AMR, La Bâtie, Willisau, Schaffhauser Jazz Fest, Wie es Ihr gefällt, Blues to Bop, Rheinknie Jazz Session, la Cité, Onze Plus,…

Discography: P. Schärli special sextet feat. G. Ferris and T. Varner, “Blues for the Beast” 1997 and”Guilty” 2001 (Enja), Scumbag, “Kind of Pink”, 1996. D. Daudsjah trio feat. A. Fischbacher “For You” 1992. Four Roses “Four Roses”1997,…

bass clarinet - composition

born in 1961 in geneva, switzerland

“prix de virtuosité” of the Conservatory of music of Geneva.

postgraduate certificate of the Royal College of Music of London.

scholarships of the marescotti and kiefer-hablitzel fundations.

first prize of the “onze-plus” association jazz competition with “aujourd’hui madame”

clarinet teacher at the geneva conservatory of music

instrumentist, composer, improviser also for the theater (b.meister, a-m delbart), image (u.fischer), dance (m.san pedro), singers (sarclo)

currently plays with Fred Gloria et les autres..., beat & lip, E.L.P. (François Lindemann), ehinger solo.

performed with hélène labarrière, corin curschellas, jacques demierre, sangoma everett, michel wintsch, olivier rogg, jacques siron, carlos baumann, abt 409 (b.trontin), Ohad Talmor and with african music bands, reggae, folk, rock, fusion and classical music

festivals: Genève, Grenoble, Amsterdam, Paris, Moscou, Barcelone, Zürich, Schaffhouse, Clusone et Lausanne.

discography : le mêm(e) trio études pour trio, minimum vital m. wintsch, ehinger solo p.ehinger, ma barker wintsch, l’autre chose diatonikachromatik, un disque Iotr, , shiver abt 409, gospil et six Drago-Rogg, les passeurs... j.siron, aujourd’hui madame aujmad, l’état des sons m.magnoni, l’étranger et pierrot r.porchet, les plus grands succès... sarcloret, choose maniacs, graves tendresses Pascal Desarzens, first door Bertrand Blessing, double jeu collectif live at the sud des alpes amr

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