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There is no doubt about it: the deeply original duo is also perfectly convincing. As she hits drums or keyboards, Beat weaves a dialogue with Lip, her fellow bass clarinettist. A special distinction to the latter, for the beautiful broad sound that he seems to draw from a deep cave. And a great first equal prize to both for straining their brains and ears to find an original sound combination for each of the record's twelve pieces. The listener moves from pleasant surprise to refreshing amazement, in an atmosphere that can be either uncanny, exotic or sixties-oriented, through the use, amongst other things, of Béatrice Graf's Hammond organ as it combines with Philippe Ehinger's many-faced bass clarinett......all tunes are carefully constructed, scattered with greatly beautiful solos - especially "Hope for Peace", as a startling opening, and the percussive "Hymne à la terre".

Viva la Musica, 2004/01


"... the musician often have developped on the basis of very simple ideas a colourful, long-lived and friendly music. Leaving behind them stylistics considerations to concentrate on mutual dynamics and listening, they played their own ludic and decapante version of standards and tastefully arranged the compositions of Beatrice Graf. We could hear the sound of the bass clarinet fly over the jungle grooves played by Beatrice Graf..."

24 Heures, 12/9/1996


german review


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