The Seed of Wrath – Album 2013HYPOCRAS_The_Seed_Of_Wrath_coverartwork


02-Judgement of the Alpha


04-Death Sentence for a Dreamer

05-Blood Feast

06-Sadness and Psychosis

07-Valkyries Experience

08-Shut up and Drink

09-Inner Wrath

10-Last Charge

Produced, recorded and mixed by Tommy Vetterli at the New Sound Studio, Mastered by Dan Sutter at Echostudio. 2013.

Burning Drakkar – E.P. 2010pochetteModifs3xs

01-Burning Drakkar

02-Hunting the Troll

03-On the Path of my Ancestors

04-Dance of the Forest

Recorded at Noisy Records. Mixed at the Drone Studio. Mastered at The Lab. Engineered by Drop and Nico. 2010.

Démo 2009

Hunting the Troll

Burning Drakkar

Recorded and mixed by Anthony, Plombage Records.

Démo 2008

On the Path of my Ancestors

Revenge of Korrigans

Recorded and mixed by Manu Barrios.

CD instrumental 2006cornes_ok


Dance of the Forest

The Golden Chest

Recorded and mixed by Arnaud Aebi.

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