we'll organise of course all the traditional disciplines you know from other Courier-Events you participated in the past and you trained for the whole year to win one of these. BUT....this is not enough for us we want to see you having fun on some be prepared!

Here a little list of what you can expect:

  • Welcome AlleyCat for our guests → get the rulez before start
  • Goldsprint → Roller-Race, 1 against 1, winner goes to the next round
  • Polo tournament: to be ready to beat TeamBasel, played are Basel-Rulez (Play mode depends on number of teams participating)
  • Fixi-Stuff: Skid (furthest and best style), Skid-Bowling, Backward-Cyrcles, Trackstand
  • Footdown, Beer-Pulling
  • 1st Edition of Hellveti'cat
  • WaterGames: Pedal-Boatsprints → teams of 2, pedal as fast as you can

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