Alexandre Varlet

Alexandre Varlet, born October 25, 1974 in La Rochelle, is a French author-songwriter who released his first album in 1998. Inspired by the folk and dark music from England and the U.S., he cultivates his world throughout each of the four discs, always eager to write in French and perfect language that fans admit as recognizable among thousands . His favorite instrument is the acoustic guitar. His live performances are often solo for many singular. Latest album, called Soleil Noir, to date (June 2010) is the culmination of a wry sense of humor and melancholy distance gross universe. Alexander continues to work freely in recent years marking its separation from the world of the official record. Alexander lives in the sea with his family.

Alexandre Varlet, Soleil Noir

Alexandre Varlet / Soleil Noir

Shayo 016

Composed in the cold shadow of the "black sun", this album is a tribute to the French language while denying France. Because those are the remote and discrete echoes of Nick Drake, Syd Barrett, or even Coil, which resonate through this disc whose morriconesques scenes also remind the sulfur Death In June the early 90s. Shayo is pleased to present the album Soleil Noir by Alexandre Varlet in limited edition 180 gram vinyl (mastered by Denis Blackham) and gatefold whose design is by Yann Orhan.