Blind Cave Salamander

Blind Cave Salamander is a project by Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo, Paul Beauchamp backed up by sound designer, producer and engineer, Marco Milanesio and cello player and Julia Kent An unusual mix of electronica, strings and guitars, drones and field recordings; a collection of finely wrought sounds that at times lean towards hypnotic lullabies and at others towards abstraction. A hybrid of the natural and the synthetic of which, like the Proteus, the pale-skinned, cave-dwelling amphibian that lends its name to the project, BIind Cave Salamander unravel shadowy, nocturnal landscapes.

Blind Cave Salamander, Troglobite

Blind Cave Salamander / Troglobite

Shayo 015

The music of Blind Cave Salamander thoroughly explores his music between field recording, post-rock and industrial contemplative, isolated areas where no light and saw the little salamander that gives the name to the group. The duo Paul Beauchamp (electronic, voice ...), Fabrizio Palumbo Modonese is now regularly joined by cellist Julia Kent (Angels Of Light, Antony & The Johnsons ...) and "sound designer" Marco Milanesio, if the roots group are related to post-industrial dark sounding music, Blind Cave Salamander exceeds these labels leading us on a journey where lon-spéléosonique-crosses both the Pink Floyd "(Set the controls for) the heart of the sun" (magnetic reactivation) as sub-terrestrial coiled in stretched and throbbing sounds. Culminating when the electronic waves mingle with the cello music of Blind Cave Salamander is often released from the structure, driven by color, sometimes evoking the cold deserts of Kosmische Rock German origins. Hypnotic, rejuvenating the music of this second album is a beautiful getaway for explorers dream and ritual music.
by Seidhr