Three years ago, came out "Eutheria" excellent first album Equus Geneva group whose members had crossed swords in various formations such as Impure Wilhelmina, Brakhage or Chapter, and practiced by a progressive post-rock band that flirted with sound explorations. Today the Swiss move away a little more of their post-rock roots to build soundscapes that does not disown lovers of film music, and for good reason, since it is a soundtrack made Der Golem, wie er in die Welt kam, one of the masterpieces of German expressionist film, made in 1920 by Paul Wegener.

Equus, Wie er in die Welt kam

Equus / Wie er in die Welt kam

Shayo 017

A replay plays on atmospheres, complex structures and provided a simplicity in its perception. A legacy rock mingle the sounds of unexpected instruments like the clarinet, harmonium or mellotron, which give all the flavors, colors of a wide variety.

We sometimes think the catalog of the German label ECM, the ghosts of ethereal and contemplative jazz, the saxophone of Jan Garbarek, the Greek colors Eleni Karaindrou, Dino Saluzzi concertina, a reverie both delicate and intense. The Equus universe is beautiful to share emotions with a rare elegance.