Goodbye Ivan

Melancholic Folktronica

The music of Goodbye Ivan exposes voids and experiments with space. It is music for wandering into the unknown.

Cinematographic and melancholic, a mixture bound to inspire both tears and the smashing of furniture.

On stage, Arnaud Ivan Sponar, (aka. Goodbye Ivan) combines the melodic sweetness of a piano, a rocking and emotionally-edged acoustic guitar, with a symphony of random sounds.

Originally from Switzerland, and now based in Brooklyn, he has also performed in Russia, Germany, Czech Republic—sometimes alone, sometimes with classical musicians, sometimes with a full band.

So far, Goodbye Ivan has released two full-length albums, several EPs on vinyl and digital formats, as well as written the score for movies and audio-visual creations.

Arnaud Ivan also composes music for documentaries, advertisements, and films and produces the work of other artists.

Goodbye Ivan, In Gowan Ring

Goodbye Ivan / In Gowan Ring

Shayo 022

In Gowan Ring and Goodbye Ivan split 7 inch vinyl, celebrating the 10 years anniversary of the label (limited to 100 copies)

Goodbye Ivan, Ten Inch Interval

Goodbye Ivan / Ten Inch Interval

Shayo 019

Two reinterpretations of songs from the album Intervals on a ten inch limited edition vinyl record with vocals on Visit by Simon Hew Jones and vocals on Strokkur by Alexandre Varlet.

Goodbye Ivan, Intervals

Goodbye Ivan / Intervals

Shayo 018

Arnaud Sponar (aka Goodbye Ivan) is a difficult to reduce to a series of music labels: evidence that the Geneva knows overcome codes to give the faithful sound portrait of a soul, feelings, memories (Intervals wants a collection of letters sent to places lived or surveyed, Brooklyn Strokkur in Iceland). We find the remains of course style: the guitar is happy (neo) folk, the irritations offer amazing memories of the hard pop Jawbox, field recording has its say, the syntax borrows here and there post-rock. It was especially hard by a great master melancholy, delicate but without affectation, and carried by voice invited top flight.
by Philippe Simon

Goodbye Ivan, The K Syndrome

Goodbye Ivan / The K Syndrome

Shayo 014

Album halfway between folk and post-rock (rather Mogwai than North One Mile) for 12 titles in cinemascope and airy and good air we breathe a melancholy enchanting music that really feels good. Surrounded by many instruments, Arnaud Sponar (man orchestra Goodbye Ivan Project), his carefully constructed motifs and melodies, such as sketches, travel impressions with long courses, put together, give an album with strong emotional content and that it is very difficult to break.