In Gowan Ring

Led by a mysterious Utah-born troubadour named B'eirth, In Gowan Ring formed in the early '90s, featuring a rotating cast of musicians fusing elements of traditional European folk music with heavy doses of psychedelia.

After appearing on a series of compilations, In Gowan Ring's debut album, Love Charms, appeared in 1994 on the World Serpent label. Three years later, The Twin Trees was released on World Serpent, an album that sounded like an updated version of the Incredible String Band or Pentangle. The Glinting Spade, released in 1999 on the Bluesanct label, saw In Gowan Ring making more prominent use of drone and trance music. ~ Jason Nickey

Goodbye Ivan / In Gowan Ring

Goodbye Ivan / In Gowan Ring

Shayo 022

In Gowan Ring and Goodbye Ivan split 7 inch vinyl, celebrating the 10 years anniversary of the label (limited to 100 copies)

In Gowan Ring, The Twin Trees

In Gowan Ring / The Twin Trees

Shayo 009

The songs on this album are based around single themes, that are explored thoroughly, with some variations or interludes at the end. The musical landscape varies from wonderfully calm, long drowsy spells, to excited pieces of ritual dance. The opener is relatively upbeat, as is "One Silver Ring", which perhaps comes closest to B'eirth's current style, because of it's folky structure and lyrics. "Stone Song III" is a continuation of (you guessed it) "Stone Song II" from Love Charms, and it's one of those dances I was telling you about. An instrumental piece with delicate percussion and that mix of instruments that produces this trademark In Gowan Ring sound. The title track is quite different, with almost nothing but double bass as the instrumental background behind the soft vocals. "Lady Beyond The River" is one of my favourites, a long track based around a single dreamy theme, perfectly done with bass, piano, flute and wordless female backing vocals. "By Moss Strand And Waterspathe" is one of the best testaments to B'eirth's talent at making intresting drone/ambient pieces. Water samples, bells, bowls, drones, chants, it's all there. I quite prefer this to the ones on the album following this one, The Glinting Spade. The album proper ends with two vocal tracks again. The bonus track, "Still Water Bonne" appeared on the Terra Serpentes compilation those ten years ago, and it is a worthy addition to the album. The song has a catchy melody and great atmosphere, and it slightly anticipated the style of later neofolk bands like Orplid and Forseti.
by O.S.

In Gowan Ring, Hazel Steps Through A Weathered Home

In Gowan Ring / Hazel Steps Through A Weathered Home

Shayo 005

A bit like Kings of Convenience, Nick Drake and even Simon & Gartfunkel, In Gowan Ring is essential in the early steps as a group capable of moving only by clean melodies and beautiful but also a song as beautiful sad as well as minimalist arrangements wish that touch the heart as the mind and give the eight tracks on the album a donation to move to the highest point. Using traditional instruments like piano, acoustic guitar, violin, but the harp and flute musicians In Gowan Ring dot their music sounds from another time which makes it truly unique and gives it a form of lyricism rare enough to be signalé.Véritable treasure of sacred folk music, this "Hazel Steps Through A Weathered Home" is a disc with an incredible purity to discover, listen and listen again for the pleasure of hearing celestial and evocative songs a time when Adam de la Halle trustait all the top spots in the charts.