In My Rosery

In My Rosary is a german band created in the very early 90s. Their music is an elegant mixture of new-wave references (The Cure, Depeche Mode, Clan of Xymox) mixed with the minimalism and austerity of Death In June at the end of the 80s. Shayo compiled their early and best moments on a beautifull digipack including some rare tracks too.

In My Rosery, Greetings From The Past

In My Rosery / Greetings From The Past

Shayo 003

A nice retrospective piece from this German Darkwave / Neofolk project. "Greetings From The Past" contains the two long out of prin! EPs "Those Silent Years" and "Siran ge EP" as weil as two demo recordings from 1998 ("Greetings From The Past" and "Liar") and a sing-a-long-version of "The Rose Of The World". Digipak.