Bernard Trontin, Simon Huw Jones, November

November is the collaborative moniker of Bernard Trontin (The Young Gods) and Simon Huw Jones (And Also the Trees) and together they manage to strike a middle ground between poetic David Sylvian-influenced vocals and the deep, moody electronics of Biosphere, Coil or Fennesz. Okay so I'm aware that Sylvian himself has done this before, but November don't feel quite so drawn toward the abstract, instead focusing on more floating, gaseous sounds to create textures and ambience destined to lull you into a trance-like state. The vocals (beautifully sung by Huw Jones) bubble and spiral through the electronic backgrounds marvellously, showing an effortless and well-trained touch on the production side, but occasionally I wish the two would take their productions a bit further into the abstract realm, experimenting with the noisier aspects of electronics, as this skates very close to new age at times. Still, despite any shortcomings both musicians clearly know exactly what they're doing, and the record hold together remarkably well, thanks to in many ways to the intelligent writing and confident use of vocals. An interesting record, and worth a closer look.


November / November

Shayo 010

"A Day In Spring" opens in the rain and blips. The voice of Simon Huw Jones, serious, saying '... Never leaves. This bright and endless day. Trapped Within a Dream '. November is between languor and softness, between electronics and eclecticism. November plunges us into a dry romance or undulating. During the 11 songs the listener is led to missed meetings, to intriguing regions where man dressed in his best clothes lies on a table, look at the sky and listen to the bird that flies, is immersed in a pocket where the stars shine. "The Consul Vision" some repetitive piano notes, an aqueous background sound grainy and windy and the text of Malcolm Lowry recited by the sublime voice of Simon speaks almost better than he sings. Strange world than November, strange and sublime musical atmosphere crushed. Water bodies in the Leman which reflect the sounds of the surrounding elements, not thunderous. November is a month. November is also now a season, bright as ever, though not misty opaque inventive and dreamy.
by Shiboome