Evpatoria Report

The Evpatoria Report is a Swiss (Switzerland) post-rock band. Its name comes from the city of Evpatoria in Crimea (Ukraine), where there is a parabolic antenna RT-70 (P-2500) which sends messages into space (A Message From Earth, Cosmic Call) that try to describe human life (the Evpatoria message). The band was born in January 2002, and it consists of two guitars, a bass, drums, a violin, and a keyboard. They offer an instrumental rock combining serenity, power, and intensity. The Evpatoria Report have played concerts in Paris and toured throughout Switzerland, playing with bands such as Red Sparowes, The Appleseed Cast, and Mono.

The Evpatoria Report Golevka

The Evpatoria Report / Golevka

Shayo 004

At the opening of the album, the music of The Evpatoria Report grip and seduces. Prognoz and blend the beauty of clear guitar melodies with sonic explosions. The following titles continue in this vein, still gaining in amplitude due to the presence of a string quartet or a few electronic incursions do well. But what impresses here is the requirement of the compositions, which never yield to ease. The rhythm is strained and effective, fine lines and air violins and guitar parts impress with their jewelry. The songs are well structured perfectly, extend brilliantly avoiding the pitfalls of boredom. Better yet, the last track of the album offers a big surprise with the appearance of a choir and an orchestra for an impressive final.
With this first test, The Evpatoria Report is a remarkable entry in the constellation of post-rock bands, rising to the height of the top prospects at the time (Souvaris, Sweek, Magyar Posse).
by Céline Brichet