Neither Neither World

"Nature prohibits nothing" A caption from the quote by the Marquis De Sade etched in bold letters on the inside of Neither/Neither World's first CD, Sociopathic Pleasures. The statement best captures the movement of this band. They blend the perfect sounds of bands like Mazzy Star and The Creatures to create their own lush and unique aesthetic.

Neither Neither World, Invisible Angel

Neither Neither World / Invisible Angel

Shayo 007

Invisible angel is an album of pure Neither / Neither World. Very melancholy folk music stripped, as from the beginning, based on the acoustic guitar largely dominating all with the voice of Wendy, without dominant percussion (drum roll unlike productions dark folk today). Note the use of the excellent harmonica notemment "Postcards" which adds to the melancholy in the way it is used. It will be seen apart from that one album completely melancholy folk, having no song or industrial beaches, as has been the case in the past. The emphasis seems to be on the rather melancholy, and the voice of Wendy, always so special seems to move towards a heavenly attitude that evil incantation or attitude like some pieces of reference.
by Adnauseam